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Our Infamous Drink Jester Juice Grog Recipe

After Years of inquires – we here at the Virgin Islands Premier Sailing Company (Jester) are finally revealing the tasty ingredients behind the sensation known as Jester Juice: - our famous signature drink.

Hold on to your hats folks – and not because you are sailing at the moment (although it is high-time you get your butt down to St Thomas to go Sailing and Snorkeling again) but because to make this delicious concoction if simpler than you might have thought.

Put on some Bob Marley, Jimmy Buffett or Kenny Chesney and enjoy!!

And by the way, if you can't find these exact nectars...any tropical juices along with coconut cream will work, just add a little more love and rum!

Here goes…

JESTER JUICE Recipe for a tasty tropical libation
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