The Caribbean Sea and in particular the Virgin Islands, is absolutely perfect for St Thomas snorkeling because it offers such a wide array of sites and colors. When you strap on your gear and venture out into these waters, you will immediately find yourself transported to another world that is absolutely worthy of exploration. It is a thrilling experience to venture out into the water and see how the world looks under the surface of the sea. Depending on where you go, the experiences may differ, but there are some beautiful sights that you won’t want to miss in these stunning blue waters.

Underwater Caves

There are few things more exciting to see when snorkeling than underwater caves. Exploring an underwater cave is an experience unlike anything else that you will be talking about for years to come. Though seeing these kinds of places does require a bit more physical skill than traditional snorkeling, for those who can make the journey, underwater cave exploration can be a complete thrill.

Beautiful Coral

The Virgin Islands is home to all kinds of unbelievable coral that you will love to stare at. You can enjoy the sight of all of the vibrant colors and unique shapes, or you can spend your time focusing on the entire communities living within the coral. Either way, you can count on an experience that you won’t want to forget. At a time where our planet is more at risk than ever, seeing healthy coral and budding life can be a relief.

Nurse Sharks

Though few people would want to see a Great White Shark while out swimming, most tend to be slightly more comfortable with Nurse sharks. These delightful beasts are a pale grey color and are very shy and want very little to do with you, but are fascinating to watch. Despite the fact that these sharks can be up to four feet when fully grown in the Caribbean, they are generally considered to be kind and social with no interest in bothering you.

Queen Angelfish             

The Queen Angelfish is a beautiful and vibrant creature that you will not want to stop looking at. With its vibrant hues and royal presence, you will see why this fish is so widely revered in the area. As you watch this underwater ruler explore the ocean, you can enjoy seeing the shifts of coloring brought on by its unique patterns.


Snorkeling is a wonderful experience that requires minimal skills and can be fun for everyone. As long as you can swim and figure out the basic functionality of breathing through a Virgin Islands sail and snorkel, you will be ready to head out into the water and look at the unseen world lurking below the surface. This is one unique and exciting way to pass time that is good for kids, adults, and can even be done when pregnant. It’s an excellent way to gain a better understanding of the ocean and all of its beauty. For your next snorkeling adventure, you can either gear up and head out or venture off with a tour group so you can find the best spots. Whatever you do, remember to bring a waterproof camera!

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Holly and Friends aboard Jester Sailboat
Holly and Friends aboard Jester Sailboat Ready to go Virgin Islands Snorkeling