Wedding; wedding means to tie a knot, wedding means to become a soul partner and this holy matrimony needs nourishment to make it a successful one. So, there are several ways to celebrate this event. To celebrate this event in an archaic manner is not suggested at all. To make your event trendy and flawless just do not hesitate to contact SAIL JESTER


We are a perfect planner for your weddings especially young couples who want to throw a remarkable wedding party in an open-air environment famous as DESTINATION WEDDINGS and it is definitely a perfect idea if it is celebrated on a cruise with beautiful aura and ambiance.


For this purpose, St. Thomas is a civilized and polished business hub of USVI with so many famous and traditional places to visit. St. Thomas is an exotic place with compelling aura and there are several places to spend your time discovering the all-new ways of living on a paradise on earth. Here is the list of spots that are must-go places for the tourists and travelers.


1.Climb the 99 Steps:



 This city is connected through stairs instead of streets and 99 steps stair is the longest one to connect the city.  It is covered with lush green plants and the scenery is simply awesome.


2.Botanical Garden:



Visit this place to see the tropical plants and it is a new attraction of St. Thomas which consist of several kinds of flowers and herbs like bromeliads, heliconia’s,  ginger,  palm, etc.  or it is said to be a home it’s a home of thousands of orchids which one cannot imagine to see back in their homeland.


3.Ice Sculptures:



St. Thomas is a natural magic world for ice sculptures instead of back in Dubai which is artificial but yet a lucrative place to visit, so you cannot even imagine the ravishing beauty of this place unless you pay a visit.  More than sixteen artists displayed their work and it’s the largest place in America where ice sculptures are placed in such huge quantities.  Uniqueness is its cold magical climate having an ice bar as well.


4.Mountain Top:



Yes, it is the highest point of St. Thomas from where you can explore the US Virgin Islands beauty sitting back in an observer deck of Mountain top bar having a glass of banana smoothie or champagne or any of your preferred drink suitable to the ambiance of this place.


5.Coral World Ocean Park:



The attraction is deep-sea diving in the mangroves with different kinds of colorful fishes and plants.  Diving itself is very relaxing and creates a soothing effect on your health and imagine diving in such a serene view can leave a long-lasting impact on your health in a positive way.  Explore the all-new world under the water.  Even in the imagination of such a view can lead you to a whole new world.


6.Sailing Through the Islands:



Remember the professional Sail Jester team: we are here to make your tour cum wedding cum fantastic holidays make special in every possible way. Sailing in water for full or half-day is all new and different experience for so many people out there. Especially for newlywed couples, this is a dream come true where you would leave all your worries and daily life issues to begin an entirely new chapter of your lives in a healthy and optimistic way to combat the upcoming challenges of the marital life leading to a happy life ahead starting your own family!


In such a case if you are planning to make your wedding a memorable one and a joyful event at a place which is not less than a paradise on earth and you are about to hire a cruise for your wedding than remember Sail Jester,  provides a complete package for all your wedding arrangements.  Sail Jester is a name that has become a brand after serving for so many years to make the wedding a truly holy matrimony. Your guests are sure to have a good time and especially your spouse will never forget this luxurious event for sure. And our mission is to make nearly everything possible in your budget.


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