The beautiful white-sand beaches the tropical weather, the clear blue sea is just an amazing sight. You and your loved one walking hand in hand together and enjoying such a view is something we all dream at some points in our lives. And what could be better than tour most anticipated and awaited day YOUR WEDDING be on such a location.


Customized Wedding Cruise…Sail Jester at Your Service!

Hire Sail Jester For The Best Wedding Services That You Can't Even Imagine!

When you are planning such an event we have our highly qualified staff and the team who is more than eager to help you make this day the best of your life. With a whole variety of services available, we are fully equipped to cater your every need and want.

We not only provide the best facilities but we provide them at quite low and affordable prices that none other can match.

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A Full Day Cruise – A Spectacular Extravaganza

Hire Sail Jester For The Best Wedding Services That You Can't Even Imagine!

Think about your most cherished moments on a full-day cruise. The moments will not only be remembered lovingly by the together forever couple but also by the guests. What else can be demanded!

 With our the bride walking down the isle in her pure white dress her hair being teased with the fresh sea breeze, trust us the groom will only be left mesmerized at the moment.

With your vows to one another in the outstanding arrangement, we are ready to move forward to an even more fun and full of adventure day.


Unending Savoury Delights

Matchless variety of dining choices!

With the SAIL JESTER team you can choose a vatiety of delicacies to savour your taste.


The Underwater Adventure

Hire Sail Jester For The Best Wedding Services That You Can't Even Imagine!

Snorkelling the underwater adventure for you and your guests! The underwater view captures everyone’s hearts and is carved in the memories forever.

Our extremely supportive and professional team is ready to ensure you get the best locations and gears as well for your excursion. This all comes in the comparative least cost possible.


Luxurious Spas

Hire Sail Jester For The Best Wedding Services That You Can't Even Imagine!

The best way to relax and loosen up your stiff muscles is a sensational spa. The newlyweds after an exhausting day can receive the spa treatments to relax. Your guests will thoroughly enjoy this pampered service as well.


Intimately Yours

We do not commercialize your wedding but completely personalize it according to your taste and budgets. Whether it’s the two of you for your blissful vows or you have your friends and families to live up the moment with you we at jesters are completely ready to take care of your needs and requirements.


Add Sunkissed Glow – No Makeup Required

Our decks are fully equipped for your need to bask in the sun and enjoy the lovely scenery. We never overboard passengers to make the cruises overcrowded!  For us every single passenger is an honoured guest who we take the guarantee to provide the best. All their demands and expectations are ours to fulfil.


Music For Your Ears

We will never leave you to get bored when you are on the floor and need some beats then we are ready to launch a series of excellent tunes to make you fall in love all over again. Hold your partner close and shut your eyes. Let the imagination take you to a journey to another world!


Vows With View

On your big day when you say ‘I do’ the amazing view will take your breath away. Nothing beats jester in creating the best arrangement on cruise and providing a sensational view to savour your sore eyes. Too much city lights and noise wants us all running towards this kind of calm and serene view.

SAIL JESTER has received trip advisors certificate of excellence every year! We not only provide the best but at an affordable cost that is within your budget and reach so you feel accommodated and at home with us.

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