SAIL JESTER is one of the highest rated & most recommended charter companies in the Virgin Islands which is working for over 24 years. People from all over the state come and visit us and recommend to others.

 We offer variety of services like Full day and half-day sailing,  sunset cruises,  private and custom charters.  Sailboat charter is one of the most taken services of our company. Mainly we work in three islands those are St Thomas, St Johns and Virgin Islands as they are the most romantic and exotic destinations of the state full of beautiful beaches and fascinatingvalleys.

We offer the most affordable rates to our customers so that anyone can enjoy and relax themselves in their leisure time despite of any class.


Charter At The Famous St. Thomas!

Make Your Sailing Trip a Dream Come True-Charter With Jester Sailing Boats

ST Thomas Island is one of the most popular sailing islands in United States,  its spots are gorgeous to sail and explore with impossibly beautiful snorkeling spots and breathtaking beaches.  ST Thomas is also full of enchanting and beautiful green valleys and lovely flowing water.  Temperatures vary between 70 and 90 °F (21 and 32 °C),  with an average of 78 °F (26 °C). The climate is semiarid, and a bit hot.  This place is a bit risky because it is near to the volcanic range. Therefore, we are very strict in designing our yachts with maximum proofing.

ST Thomas is one of the most famous island of Virgin Islands in which Sail jester has specialize in various recreational activities like scuba diving,  snorkeling,  fishing and jet skiing etc.  If you wish to make the most of your trip feel free to make bookings through our website.

Sail Jester offers various packages to charter a sailboat on your own and discover the scenic views of ST Thomas Island, do snorkeling,  boating and fishing and much more.  We arrange our sailboat charter as per your preferences and needs whether it is for some special event or any casual friendly picnic we are here to assist you in any kind of trip.


Sailboat Charters – What Is So Special About Jester Sailing!

Make Your Sailing Trip a Dream Come True-Charter With Jester Sailing Boats

Sailboat charter is unlike rental sailboat because our crew stays in the yacht whereas you are free to take your yacht all by yourself anywhere in the mentioned area which is provided by our team.


Boating Comfort!

Our boats are made up with high quality material which is fully proof for any kind of natural disaster and accidents.  First aid accessories will be available on our boats for any type of emergencies like first aid kit,  life jackets, toolbox etc.

 Our team stays high alert for their every charter sailboats and we continuously stay connected through the wireless radio attached in the boat.

Sail Jester offers you multiple options to explore the enchanting and beautiful beaches of ST Thomas Islands all alone or with a bunch of friends. We also offer special boats for the newly wedded couples along with some special decorations that include flowers and some special gift for the couple. Sail Jester considers all of its guests as their family and so we are highly interested in offering them our best services.


Your Safety Is Our Priority!

Yes, unlike all other rental sailing services, we make sure that your entire trip is fool proof and safe! No matter how much of fun sailing is, it comes with its own troubles that are often much more hazardous and fatal than the terrestrial ones that you face. And obviously many of you are not accustomed to such disturbances and emergencies.

We have a trained crew that has specialized in all emergency remedies and steps that need to be taken in case of any unfavorable circumstance!

Therefore you must come with us!

Sail Jester Sailing Adventures Charter St Thomas John Virgin Islands and experience the Caribbean crystal blue waters and beautiful white sand beaches. Come sail in cool tropical breezes and snorkel and explore the colorful coral reefs. We are available 24/7 for your assistance. For any queries or bookings you may reach us at SAIL JESTER from anytime, anywhere. Feel free to contact us 24/7.