Are you in search of some really unforgettable experiences of your life, something completely different from the usual concept of holiday and vacation? The Idea of a customized yacht charter with Sail Jester is a trustworthy option!

Exploration and Research


Sail Jester yacht charters are readily available for your research excursion trips and we make sure that they are accordingly equipped to satisfy the needs of our guests. We are a master at providing all the necessary amenities to our customers that no one else will provide!

We are certain that people sail across the world oceans and island not merely for the purpose of adventure, you may be a researcher, a historian or probably just an ordinary human being in search of experiencing various cultural remains at several places and Sail Jester assure you that hiring our yacht charter can let you have the most comfortable tour of St. Thomas whilst maintaining your privacy.

A Guilt Free Journey


Unlike the motor boat rentals, hiring a sailboat can make your conscience satisfy, even proud of you because it’s a fuel free ride utilizing the wind power. Sailing vacations are wonderfully noise free, so you are also contributing in the elimination of noise pollution. Wow! What an economic, enjoyable and nature friendly way to spend your leisure time!

This eco-friendly trip is sure to touch your heart and soul in the best possible manner and many say that it produces a lasting impact on your mind. The feeling of positive contribution towards the earth is an achievement in itself.

Bundles of Activities


Lately it is becoming a norm that if you are interested in water sports, you are likely to rent a yacht charter. Why not cruise a boat along the calm and cool atmosphere of St. Thomas Island where you can enjoy swimming, snorkeling and other water sports at your own desired pace.

During water sports, every moment is worth living and there is no such word as boring or dull unlike the usual terrestrial sports. You are surely bound to have fun, enjoyment and adrenaline rush.

Similar to other sports, water sports are really healthy for your physique maintenance as the tranquil essence of water helps reduce your stress, relaxes your muscles and joints and gives you soothe and comfort much more than any other physical activity you engage yourself in.

Not only this, but you can also quietly enjoy the beauty of the setting sun whilst being on your customized charter.

Mono Hulls VS Multi Hulls


A major number of chartered yachts, comprising of around 80 percent yachts are mono hulls, which surely means something. Despite the fact that the multi-hulls are very steady and smooth, they are very difficult in going against the wind which symbolizes mono hull craft as being sportier and faster than catamarans. Moreover, you can also sail easily against the wind on a mono hull.

However, it is also prescribed that beginners should choose multi hulls for their journey as it allows them to enjoy beaches and protected bays and it can be smoothly parked because of its two engines.

Environmental Conditions

Safety comes first!  When you are planning to book a yacht charter you must take into account the following necessary things:

  1. Tidal changes
  2. Weather characteristics of the destination
  3. Charter destination

What Skills Are Mandatory for Renting Out a Yacht Charter?


Hiring and steering of a sailboat charter requires special skilful expertise and a certain level of seaman ship. In case of inexperience it is likely that you must be hiring a chartered yacht with captain and Sail Jester proudly supports its customers according to their specific needs.

Moreover, adventure sailing on a rental chartered yacht involves active team work as each individual can cooperatively participate in maneuvers which eventually make the boating experience special in its own way.

However, if you are unsure whether you are skilful enough to sail the boat yourself, it is advisable that you opt instead for a skippered charter instead so you can have more of a guided sailing adventure without fear of any unfavorable circumstances.

So to avail the best time of your lives on a sailboat yacht charter, just pick up your phones and contact SAIL JESTER.