Cruise vacations are one of the most thrilling and inspirational ideas around the world majorly because it allows you to have a fun-filled holiday with less expenditure and lest you have a view of the places that would be quite impossible to see via land routes. You can easily maneuver through narrower water ways and dock easily at various ports.


Epitome of Tourism!


And to add to the joy, Sunset Cruises with Sail Jester is a real treat for all nature lovers especially for all those who merely do not want just a vacation but seek to have cultural enriching experiences through travelling.


Why Would You Prefer Sunset Cruises At St. Thomas?



First of all, Sail Jester team would help you out in deciding out of many astounding spots to visualize the beauty of sunset, and most importantly, St. Thomas presents a range of idyllic points to feel the beauty of the setting sun! From Mountain top to Magens Bay, and the classic sun spots on the Water Island-Honeymoon Beach, the experiences to observe sunset are the ones that every individual must undergo in order to perceive the beauty of nature in the gradually dimming rays of the sun!

Additively our sunset sailing cruises are simply the best! You can book with us at (732)330-3599 for an absolutely uncommon and mesmerizing experience!


Cracking the Sunset Cruises Code!



Do you think anything could be better than relaxing on the customized cruise with Sail Jester crew at your service while you listen to the musical notes of your choice, food being served to you while you feel the cool breeze on your face making you forget all your worries?

Surely, watching the sunset while being on a cruise is simply a splendid idea that has occurred in your mind!


Magical Mermaid’s Chair!



A narrow patch of sand connecting the main island of St. Thomas with a smaller islet, this magical mermaid’s chair is found appealing to many travelers who are in search of some uncommon spot to fantasize the beauty of sunset.

This unusual spot is the only unique spot where you can actually sit between the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea!

 Being tough to be accessed and concealed, this magical spot is very fulfilling to savor the tourism needs of travelers in a very promising manner!


What Makes You Choose Sail Jester Sunset Cruises?


Yes, this is a very important question that can pop up in your minds. The answer to this query is that we prefer quality over quantity in every matter. All of our yachts are equipped with safety equipment required as per law. Sail Jester team is inspected annually and your trip includes full insurance.

For Sail jester, Safety comes first!

Majorly our cruises and charters are designed as per family needs and we keep in mind the requirements of children. So, if you are planning to enjoy the exotic sunset with your entire family, rest assured that we fulfill the needs of your family members from young babies to adventure seeking teenagers to mature adults!

Professional crew also holds immense importance in making trip successful, thus we hire only the best and trained staff to ensure that the luxury cruise tour lives up to your fullest expectations.


Contended Foodies!



Food is the third most important part of living after air and water and surely no holiday is excursion is complete without food.  Being on the sunset Cruise with Sail Jester allows you to enjoy various cuisines from Indian to Italian, American and Asian, just think of it and we are ready to serve you as per your desire!

Sail Jester is simply a blend of professionally trained staff and amazing services at your earnest desire, and sunset sailing cruises is best of the best choices that you can make to spend a complete two-hour sunset view on your cruise which is specifically designed to accommodate you and your family and loved ones. So if you are even merely thinking of landing on the beautifully romantic island of St. Thomas and get yourself completely lost in the surrounding aura of crystal blue water, quickly contact SAIL JESTER.