This century has loaded us with enormous technological advancements apparently for our ease and comfort but unfortunately it has resulted in escalation of our stress levels and a colossal rise in tension since our daily lives are burdened with vast number of everyday challenges.

To add to misery, we often look up to medicines and pills to combat our frustration levels and try to relax which itself is a lethal idea.

A switch over to more natural ways of relaxation from these artificial means is considered to be healthier as we are already very much far away from nature in our mechanized lives.

Therefore, all of us require some days off from our hectic routines and give ourselves some luxury and spas at the Caribbean would be a real treat.

So, if you think your body is giving you unhealthy signals and is in dire need of rejuvenation, feel free to contact SAIL JESTER because we are providing a diverse range of services at the Caribbean Islands.

What Is a Spa Actually?

Dictionary defines spa as a resort located nearby mineral springs that are believed to have health-promoting facilities however lately the term spa is link to a diverse range of commercial facilities that are providing several wellness treatments to the customers.

Spa services usually include body massages, scrubs, facials, waxing, steam baths and nail care etc.

Spas are basically the procedures to renew your mind, body and spirit and give you a fresh start by re-establishing your connection to nature and balancing your life.

Why Do You Need Spa In The First Place?

What Makes Spa So Special At St. Thomas Island?- Scroll Down To Find Out!

  1. Simply “ME TIME”

At one point in time, all of us need some spare time, solely for ourselves. Spa is considered to be fulfilling the purpose as during a spa you would find yourself detached from the world and would have the time to reconnect to your own-self. Trust it your soul needs such a time for a healthy and better u.

  1. Physical Well-Being

Adding to the relaxation that spa gives you, it has tremendous benefits on your physical health. It helps in eradicating insomnia, helps in reducing muscle and joint pains, improves cardiac activity, lessens headaches, aids in fight against diabetes, flushes out toxins out of your body etc.


  1. Confidence At Its PEAK!

Isn’t it obvious when you feel healthy, you are bound to be more confident about your body thus resulting in a sudden and consistent rise in self-confidence.  So if you are feeling low, and you have planned on a vacation at the Caribbean, a good body spa at St. Thomas would do the trick.


  1. Feel The Happiness Flowing…

Body massage helps in the flow of serotonin, or the happiness hormone, which is an important neurotransmitter in the human body. It is proven to lighten the mood, improves sleep, memory, sexual desire and digestion. So you are sure to feel inner happiness after a good spa day. Being happy means you would feel free of any kind of depression or would be in a better position to fight the depressives that come your way.


Key Trends In SPA: 

What Makes Spa So Special At St. Thomas Island?- Scroll Down To Find Out!

Yes there is no one type of spa but like everything else, the spa industry has grown up really well over the years so now the individuals can easily reap the benefits of their own choice of spa.

Some common genres include Hotel/resort spa, destination spa, day spa, mineral spring spa and medical spa.


Spa at St. Thomas!

So by now you must have stopped wondering about the term spa and its benefits and must be in a better position to decide the best spa destinations for you!

We guarantee you that you won’t find a better place to fully enjoy your spa day other than the island of St. Thomas.

Imagine yourself getting engulfed by the spa services that you have chosen while the surrounding cool breezes and the mesmerizing beauty of the crystalline water constantly catch your attention and it seems that you are on an earthly paradise and nothing in the world can you such an immense pleasure that is completely touching your soul….What a picturesque view it would be!

Do not wait and waste your time.

Enjoy the precious moments and book your SPA NOW.