Many people absolutely love the image of sailing. It might be because of the way that it is so often presented in media or because it is a skillset that only the most interesting people seem to hold, but most everyone has imagined themselves sailing at least once. In the event that you would like to bring your vision to reality, there are few better places to try your hand at this intriguing experience than the Caribbean Sea. This is an pastime that everyone should try at least once if they can for several reasons.


The Sun Is Always High and The Water Is Always Warm


The general setting of the Caribbean and in particular the uniquely gorgeous Virgin Islands, is incredibly forgiving for people who are looking to try a sailing experience. In this area, you can expect to see the sun high in the sky, warm weather, and more importantly, warm crystal-clear Azul waters. This means that you will be just as comfortable sitting atop your sailboat as you will be when you are changing course and get sprinkled or sprayed with majestic sea water. You will never have to worry about being wet and cold as you try this charming sport out.


There Is Plenty To Explore


While there is a certain thrill to venturing straight out into open water with a sailboat, there is simply something compelling about circling an island on one. Popular islands like St Thomas or St John are perfect for setting sail because they offer you beautiful sights as you explore the islands from a completely unique perspective. The images of these islands as you glide by somehow brings together the entire sailing experience in a nutshell. You will be glad and in fact thrilled that you did it.


Sailing The Caribbean Sea is A Complete Thrill


In addition to the Caribbean and Virgin Islands being the absolutely perfect place for you to head out on a sailboat adventure, sailing in and of itself is an experience that everyone should have if they can. Since the award-winning Legendary Jester Sailing Adventures have been around for nearly 25 years, they are a fine organization you can count on no matter your desires. Plus they are, by far, the most recommended, highest rated sailing company in the Virgin Islands. It is a refined skill that involves a delicate balance of human capability alongside the marvels of engineering. Even if you decide to head out with a local tour guide / skipper instead of playing captain yourself, you will realize that there is no experience that compares to sailing. It is far different than any other kind of aquatic adventure.




Despite the fact that plenty of people have imagined what it might be like to sail, very few people actively give it a try when they are given the opportunity. It might be because it is an intimidating skill to learn or because it just doesn’t seem like a priority, but sailing is an amazing way to spend a day out on the water that nothing else comes close to. When you find your way back to shore, sun-kissed and with a wide grin on your face, you will realize that it was an experience that you always needed to have. Sailing on gorgeous Caribbean Virgin Islands clear-blue waters is just the icing on the cake, and you can rest assured that you will be grateful that you finally went for it.


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