What may seem to be a sumptuous fantasy by many,  is,  however considered a mandatory ritual by almost all those who have recently entered into the bond of marriage.  Yes, we are talking about honeymoons! Honeymoons are often planned by couples in places far away from the daily chaotic lives,  thus the vacations planned purposely are usually spent at spots which are labeled as romantic.


Are you Planning for the Caribbean?


Out of many such places, United States Virgin Islands, popularly known as USVI, is a noteworthy name due to various characteristics which are a unique speciality of the islands only.

USVI is a chain of 50 small and large islands that are eminent both for destination weddings and honeymoon celebrations,  out of which St. Thomas,  St. Johns and St. Croix are renowned to welcome the honeymooners.


 What Distinguishes USVI from Other Honeymoon Destinations?


Simply put, USVI offers a diverse range of fun-filled activities to its guests,  ranging from laying comfortably on the white sand beaches of the islands to diving straight into the crystal clear water,  USVI has a little bit of everything to be offered to the newly –weds.


Sailing on the Soft Sand!


Honeymoon on the Caribbean


It is evident that St. Thomas has some of the most beautiful sandy beaches among the islands which are quite matchless. Lying down on the soft sand,  relaxing your feet whilst being served delicious island cuisine can be seen as a luxury in itself, and it adds to the pleasurable moment when Sail Jester team is bound to serve you at its best.


A Walk Along the St. Thomas Charlotte Amalie Harbor…



This privately owned seaplane base exemplifies the cultural milieu that defines much of the Caribbean beauty reflecting Danish influence where ever your sight reaches.  Adding to this, you can also see the leftover marks of African,  Indian and Middle Eastern Culture.  Sail Jester team will provide you the necessary information throughout your honeymoon trip to make your honeymoon the remarkable and the most memorable experience.


Best Resorts Ever!


Honeymoon on the Caribbean


If your definition of a dream honeymoon vacation means that you do not have to empty your wallet,  and also make the most of the time,  trust me Sail Jester empathizes your feelings and we easily accommodate you to the very fine and economic resorts inclusive of the Resort,  Villa Marbella Suites,  Bella Vista Bed & Breakfast,  Windward Passage Hotel etc.


Savoring Along the Exotic St. Johns Island…..



Out of the three prominent ones, St. Johns is considered to be the hottest island for the honeymoon couples due to her silently romantic North shore beaches like Trunk Bay,  Cinnamon Bay,  Maho Beach and Honeymoon Beach.  St. Johns Villa rentals, private villas, vacation rental homes, etc.  combined with amazing sailing services and multiple options from Sail Jester  no doubt makes the island of St. Johns a choose worthy  spot for many newly- weds!


Coral Bay VS Cruz Bay!



You can decide from between Coral Bay and Cruz Bay,  both of them are unique in their own ways.  Coral Bay has a handful of bars and restaurants with fewer shopping options but what makes it different is its peaceful and calming atmosphere which is suitable to many individuals who wish to enjoy a silent time with their spouses.  Cruz Bay on the other hand is the islands’ economic hub with a wide range of hotels, restaurants and bars to choose from.  You can find ample amount of shops and grocery stores,  so you have many options to spend your time in whichever manner you have planned.


Ideal Speculation for Beach Bums and History Buffs!


Consisting of around 258 large and small hotels alike, and the largest of the three, the island of St. Croix is chosen mainly by couples who wish to have a combo of adventure activities and exploration of colonial churches and history museums so if your ideal honeymoon package involves a massive helping of cuisine and culture, then the island of St. Croix is definitely a wise choice!

A wide range of restaurants and bars allows you to dine until you drop, and the good weather all around the year provides you with ample opportunities to make the most of your time and money.


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