Do you wish to get yourself mesmerized by the stupendously enchanting view when the sunsets in the Caribbean island of St. Thomas? Or are you longing to enjoy the scenic view of the setting sun with your loved ones or someone really special?

Sunset sail with SAIL JESTER is an approximately one and a half hour experience for all those who long for a romantic and serene experience! It is undoubtedly a perfect date night!

You can easily relax yourself and enjoy a glass of your favorite drink while the sun in beautifully setting in the Caribbean!

SAIL JESTER team is available at its earnest to provide you with our professionally reliable services! All that you could think of in this one and a half hour small yet surprisingly soothing and memorable trip for all those who have, had and would venture!


What Makes The Sunset Sail Experience With Sail Jester So Unique?

Sunset Sail at St. Thomas – Where Cruising Does The Soul Good!

Apparently, you are sure to feel home with the Jester Sailing Crew! We are family! When you are with us, you need not bother about taking care of your luggage or anything else. Because this is what we are hired for so you and your beloveds can have a unique spark and uninterrupted date night, distressing yourself from the chaotic life’s routine and energizing and boosting yourself to return to the world with full zeal to blossom and bloom in your career and personal lives!

SAIL JESTER provides you ample opportunities to snorkel and for water sports. Whatever u may wish to get indulged in, we are here at your service! Feel free to contact SAIL JESTER. You won’t regret your decision!


What’s Included?

Apart from the mental relaxation, adventure and excitement, we offer you transportation, fruits, drinks, snacks and snorkeling gears. Have maximum fun at your own pace!


Sunset Sail – What’s So Special?

Sunset Sail at St. Thomas – Where Cruising Does The Soul Good!

Watch the splendid island of St. Thomas slowly dim out behind you as you as it glows in the dwindling light of the setting sun!

It’s a memorable night out that is sure to leave a huge impacting mark on your life and you are bound to feel optimistic about facing the upcoming challenges!

The feel of the Caribbean breeze over your face, as you watch the setting sun, taking in sip by sip of your preferred cocktail, what could be a more spectacular view? And seriously how can you better s[end your evening with your love? The idea of setting off to sail to visualize the sunset at the island of St. Thomas is just simply fabulous!

Not only for your date night, but you can definitely celebrate your wedding anniversary in such a distinguished manner too! Or it could be just a simple and quiet evening for the nourishment of your own soul!


How Does It Usually Go During The Entire Trip?

According to the daily pattern, the boat is loaded with the passengers, which is the perfect time when you can capture the moments in the camera while others are busy getting themselves adjusted!

Therefore, it is advisable that you reach before time, so you can have some precious moments, which others would fail to enjoy when they arrive late!

Passengers are usually briefed about their safety by the professionally trained crew of SAIL JESTER. We also make you familiar with the ship just in case.

The island music is setup and you are then poured your favorite drinks, and now you are finally over towards your destination!

The neighboring view of the island of St. Johns is no less of a treat!

And finally when the sun begins to set in the Caribbean, the sky’s worth being seen without lifting off your gaze!

The view is simply breathtaking for many, almost all!

There is this blend of emotions, romance and relaxation which is contagious enough to let everyone go with the flow and you are sure to forget everything else during that time, and your world seems to be still for the moment!

The bar is open for all, and the music is often adjusted according to the taste of our guests!

When things are so picturesque, quickly contact SAIL JESTER and sail away!