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It is a splendid choice to go on a dinner cruise alongside your friends and family on a specific occasion to spend your holidays well. On the off chance when you have concluded that you need to go out traveling.

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You should put the evergreen shorelines of St Thomas, St John and Virgin Islands in your pail list – where you can escape from every one of your stresses and experience the magnificence of “the unstoppable force of life”.
Arranging a dinner cruise to a secluded island like St Thomas can prove to be a tiring activity as you need to deal with an entire bundle of things in transit going from your movement to your settlement. With Jester sailing, you get a foremost group of profoundly energetic workforce available to, who is anxious to serve you the most ideal way that could be available. Our wide scope of recreational activities topped with a brilliant dinner cruise accessible at St Thomas, St John and Virgin Islands is ensured to give you an overwhelming encounter with Mother Nature. The following is a rundown of activities you can take benefit of by holding hands with Jester Sailing adventures today.

If you are in search of the best team to guide you through your entire wedding plan, and make the most of the best cruises available, Sail Jester is there to help you out.

Dinner Cruise At Virgin Islands

If you like to have a much peaceful experience by staying away from the hustle bustle and maintaining distance from groups, then the months between June and October are positively the correct time for you to visit this mind tingling place. As this season acquires less of vacationers, a vast majority of the organizations stay shut over September so Jester Sailing encourages its customers to come and visit Virgin Islands during these days to experience the true magnificence of this ever green island.

The most appealing element of this season is that you have the most excellent shorelines of the world just for yourself. With our state of the art dinner local people love the specialized treatment in September and October since they can unwind and enjoy a reprieve from work. This empowers you to meet more occupants of the Virgin Islands and experience this spot in an entirely different setting.

Why Choose Virgin Islands

The temperature of sea waters ascends to 80F which is ideal for jumping into the cool blue waters. Those people who are fond of swimming can join hands with Jester Sailing and fulfill their dream of seeing the marine life in its natural habitat. Day by day, life on the Virgin Islands backs off and you get an opportunity to encounter crude nature. Typhoons and sea tempests happen between early June and late October. In the event that you travel here in September, at this point there are critical shots that you get the chance to encounter the might of Caribbean storms.


All you have to do is to call or text us and book your cruises now with Sail Jester and get ready for an entirely new experience.

Dinner Cruise At St Thomas

St Thomas is one of the beautiful islands that form an essential part of the beautiful Virgin Islands. Dense vegetation and luscious trees are scattered all across this island. Jester Sailing has been operating in this region for a long time now. All you have to do is pack your bags and fly straight to St Thomas where we are waiting to assist you on your beautiful journey that lies ahead. Book your very own dinner cruise from Jester Sailing which is home to countless cuisines belonging to countries all around the globe. Whether you to stick to an American cuisine or the fiery Thai cuisine we have got it all covered for you and sailing excursions St Thomas will leave a beautiful benchmark in your mind. 

Scenic Beauty of St Thomas

It is well known that St Thomas is a major hub for tourists all around the globe. There is no doubt about this fact if we consider how rich this place in terms of scenic beauty. Jester Sailing will take pride in taking you on a trip around this island that is unhindered by human activities. Our famous dinner cruise is surely going to give you tons of memories to look back upon whenever you think of St Thomas.

Dinner Cruise At St John

Want to enjoy a dinner in solitude with your significant other? Or want to have a family reunion in a unique setting? If that’s what you are searching for then stop right here and let Jester Sailing take care of the rest. Book a dinner cruise with your friends and family at St John and tantalize your taste buds with our world famous dishes prepared first hand by our highly experienced chefs in a setting unlike any other around the globe. Get in touch with Jester Sailing to make the most out of your next trip!

Marine Life At St John

Apart from the blooming islands St John is home to tons of exotic marine creatures that can only be found in this part of the world. If you want to enhance the joy you get out of our dinner cruise then make sure you make use of our snorkeling, full & hald day sail & private charter services as well. We have the best snorkeling gear in town for our customers. So come to St John today and come face to face with the aquatic life present beneath the surface of the ocean. Our state if the art services are sure to give to a fantastic experience of this lace so pick your phone and get your trip booked to St John before it’s too late.

Sail Jester has gained experience on many aspects of sailing, especially the wedding cruises so start planning your dream cruises wedding with Sail Jester and feel free to call or text us. 

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