Sail Jester Honeymoon Cruises! Dream, Believe and Enjoy a HONEYMOON

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Weddings are followed by honeymoons which are considered as an equally important ritual in many cultures. So the question is which place to go for your honeymoon to make it a lifetime memorable experience? Sail Jester can really help you in this regard. We are operating at the world wide known Caribbean Islands so you can easily rent our honeymoon sailing cruises for an adventure filled honeymoon with your spouse and enjoy your fullest.

Discover best of a life time opportunity for yourself and your better half! You can choose from our wide range of cruises or we can design your customized honeymoon cruise at your request!

Why would you choose honeymoon cruises with Sail Jester?

With so many competitors in the market what is it that makes our service unique thus making you compelled to choose none other than Sail Jester. Well, there are many reasons.


Our honeymoon cruises offer our guests sufficient internal volume for comfortable living aboard. Fully well furnished boats are the reason we are chosen by many people planning to go sailing in the Virgin Islands.


We are affordable to hire, operate and maintain and easily manageable by a small crew. Also our competent workers make your honeymoon trip really easy.


Turning of a boat upside down in water is one of the common fear people usually face when they opt for sailing. However, if you are going for renting out cruises with Sail Jester; you need not to worry because we offer high resistance to capsize.

Distinctiveness of St. Johns

The beaches at St. Johns are renowned for their crystal sands and underwater natural trail. Also, St. Johns is known as Love City.


Sail Jester cruises are found to be the best performers under sail, providing comfortable motion underway.


Sail Jester team makes sure that our vessels are always kept in a sea worthy condition.

Honeymoon Cruises in the Virgin Islands:

Are you gutsy enough to head off to the Virgin Islands with your spouse for your honeymoon? Sail Jester ensures that you might not have made such a fantastic choice ever!
Virgin Islands, St. Thomas and St. Johns are best known for their white sand beaches and clear blue water. They owe their natural beauty to the fire of the volcanoes. Geologists believe that eruptions first occurred some 100 million years ago on the floor of the ocean. Over many eons, molten rock flowed from volcanic vents, forming the foundation of the islands.
With such an unexpected history, these islands are surely worth a visit.
Sail Jester rental boat services offer you various luxuries, all that you can and cannot think of. We offer you a fine balance between complexity and convenience.


Peace and Quietness of the Virgin Islands

Almost all individuals crave for a calming atmosphere especially in the noisy world of today with hectic work schedules and every day challenges to cope with. This is the reason why Sail Jester offers its specifically designed honeymoon cruises for the newly-weds for the mesmerizing Virgin Islands because we value the mental peace and comfort of our clients.

All you have to do is to call or text us or drop us an email @ Book your cruises now with Sail Jester and get ready for an entirely new experience.

Connection To Nature:

Sailing is undoubtedly a great way to get connected to nature. It is simply and purely natural. Sail Jester honeymoon cruises offer you this experience in the exotic beauty of the Virgin Islands where you can capture the wind in the sails propel you along and you develop huge respect for the natural world and also establish an undefined connection to the simplicity and complexity of nature.

St Thomas Honeymoons Cruises:

If you have planned your honeymoon trip to be spend at St.Thomas, Sail Jester makes sure that the moment you step on the rented out cruise, the entire world around you fades away and you get fully occupied by the surrounding natural beauty and the facilities that Sail Jester provides you at our honeymoon cruises.

Honeymoon in St. Thomas put decent impact on your upcoming life and we are the specialists in the field and we prove it. Our honeymoon cruises are well built and fully equipped to satisfy your need and demands. Whether you wish to spend some time on your cruise with your spouse or you are thinking of indulging into various activities such as deep sea diving or snorkeling at St. Thomas, hiring customized wedding cruises, wedding sailing , sailboat rental & sunset cruises with Sail Jester is the smartest choice to be made.

Honeymoon Cruises at St. Johns

Have you decided to spare some time from your honeymoon and pay tribute to the bewitching island of St. Johns by sailing across it? If not, it is high time that you act now because unlike others, Sail Jester is offering its wide range of honeymoon cruises in very nominal rates so you and your spouse can have amazing time together in the form of an island retreat.

Similar to all the newly married couples, you must be thinking of making most of this honeymoon period as this time will never come back. So, why not choose a destination as calm, quiet and peaceful as the small island of St. Johns where you can find excitement and relaxation at the same time?

Sail Jester has gained experience on many aspects of sailing, especially the wedding cruises so start planning your dream cruises wedding with Sail Jester and feel free to call or text us or drop us an email

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