People often wish to spend their vacations at the place which is more close to the nature as they are seeking for the leisure time with their loved ones to stay away from the everyday stressful routine.

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Experiences at Virgin islands 

To plan such a trip you can reach out for some boating, sailing at a peaceful and a quiet place on rivers and lakes to the wide open oceans. If you wish to visit islands of United states, Sail Jester offers mind blowing and relaxing experiences at Virgin island, St Johns and St Thomas on their Private charters which you can easily book for a full day or half day to spend a lovely time with your favorite people or you can also make bookings regarding business trips. 

Sail Jester is well known for their fully equipped Private charters along with the professional team. We provide you best opportunity to explore crystal blue waters and beautiful white sand beaches. You would be free to do fishing, deep sea diving or relaxing on the deck of your private Charter. Sail Jester mainly organizes trips in the oceans of United States. We provide best of our services in the three oceans those are Virgin Islands, St Johns and St. Thomas. Now it’s your choice to grab your bookings for any of the island mentioned above. 

We are here to offer you our best private charters at very reasonable rates, all you need to do is Call Us or Emaill us at


U.S Virgin Islands is an exotic group of islands based on the Irma’s passage across the northeastern Caribbean it is just a short flight from United States. The dreamy land has earned its name as the “America’s Paradise”. This place is super famous for its beautiful white sand beaches and turquoise waters. Sail Jester promotes its customer to come and explore the beauty of this wonderful land with their loved ones and you can do this through yacht charter Virgin islands.

We guarantee you that all of your senses are sure to be awakened by travelling the enchanting beauty of the United States Virgin Islands all by yourself in your private charter. We ensure you that our Private charters are fully equipped with all the necessary items for you and our well trained crew will accompany you for your safety in your journey. 

You can also go through the cultural legacy of these islands by riding on your personal private charters where you have all the choices to do a dance party with your mates or you can also opt for a decent candle lit romantic dinner with your spouse. We also provide you full choice to bring in your own food and beverages or we can also arrange as per your requirements. 


We have another most incredible island on which we are operating is St John Island it is although a very small island as compared to St Thomas but yet very beautiful and peaceful, it lies in the eastern Caribbean. St. John is 9 miles (14 km) long and 5 miles (8 km) wide. Its coastline is indented with scenic harbors and bays, including Trunk Bay. Bordeaux Mountain rises to 1,277 feet (989 meters).

St. Johns is found to be attractive for many tourists as they are free to avail the chance to drive through the beautiful mountains and scenic views of nature by them. St. Johns could be the best option if you are planning for a destination wedding in your private charter which will be full decorated as per your demands. Family reunions or an old school reunion can also be arranged at such an appealing and wonderful place. 

Sail Jester not just provides their customers a freedom to fulfill their desires in their private yacht but also we ensures our full cooperation with any guidance about the place or about the routes to drive on.  Our staff will accommodate you with all of your requirements. We promise you to provide you complete safety for your trip along with the privacy to drive at your favorite spot. 

If you are willing to reach us for any queries you can contact us or Call Us.


Like St Johns and Virgin Islands ST Thomas is also full of enchanting and beautiful green valleys and a lovely flowing water. Temperatures vary between 70 and 90 °F (21 and 32 °C), with an average of 78 °F (26 °C). The climate is semiarid, and a bit hot. This place is a bit risky because it is near to the volcanic range. Therefore we are very strict in designing our yachts with maximum proofing. 

Sailjester boat rental St Thomas is one of the best service and our all the private yachts are designed and tested several times before going on board. Our security teams are always stay at hands reach so that we can protect you in every possible way, we also provide different safety measures and a first aid kit to our every customer for any mishap. Through boat rental St Thomas we provide you a chance to do a full day or half day sailing, sunset dinner cruises, snorkel fun & day sailing on the beautiful islands with your favorite people at your own comfort zone.

Sail Jester is famous to organize different themed picnic at ST Thomas. We ensure you an unforgettable trip which will be far beyond your expectations at an immensely beautiful place like St Thomas Island. 

If you are planning for such a trip in your personalized private charters rush your bookings by email us or Call us.

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