Snorkel Excursions By Jester Sailing 

Popular for its adventure and fun filled snorkeling activities, Virgin Islands is an ideal place to visit during vacations. We consider it our prime focus to choose safe and sound locations for snorkeling throughout the Virgin Island.  Jester sailing makes sure that the trip is planned to give you a wonderful snorkeling excursion experience in the Virgin Islands. 

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Full and half day sails in the deep sea of St Thomas and St John offer you the advantage to choose the best and ideal timings according to your ease and conveniently schedule your snorkeling adventure. Jester Sailing is known for its unmatched level of excellence and experience in the Virgin Islands. Giving you an insight to a local’s view, we extend our services full of comfort and adventures. You don’t have to worry about any experience requirements for snorkeling since our private guides are just a step away to provide you with secure and protected snorkeling. As a whole, choosing us comes with a combination of delightful sails at the cruise involving all sorts of facilities including bars, delicious food and the most memorable activities like snorkeling!

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Regardless Of The First Timers Or Usual Adventure Seekers, We Assure A Memorable, Safe And Special Trip To All

Snorkling Excursions At St John

Surrounded by all sorts of tropical fish and coral, St John qualifies to be one of the most peaceful and amazing places to visit for family, friends and even couples. Without doubt snorkeling is regarded as the top destination when it comes to St John as you can expect to witness the dreamy marine life including starfish, sea turtle, manta rays and likewise inhabitants of waters. 

With Jester Sailing, your snorkeling excursions are planned with flexibility, safety and fun where you can enjoy our commendable services and make your trip memorable. We also extend our services to offer private charters with skilled instructors in order to help the first timers to have a comfortable and safe snorkeling environment.

Delicious Food on Board At St John

The main source of energy for the whole trip depends upon food. Rather than having to go separately to find restaurants who serve food Jester Sailing has an all planned menu with their signature flavors with local cuisines; a kind of food that you would never forget. Both vegetarians and meat lovers can enjoy from our large menu. 

Our chefs have earned their reputation through their top-notch cooking skills and to compliment them is the staff that makes sure to provide you a lively yet relaxing environment and serve you fresh. Depending on your full day or half day sail, you are welcomed with breakfast, followed by lunch and dinner with a very open bar to sit and relax while we raise the sail.

Snorkel Excursions at Virgin Islands

For a great snorkel excursion, it is important to have a vessel that provides you basic amenities like shade, comfortable seats, spacious washrooms and changing rooms and easily accessible bar. We take care of all these factors and ensure conveying all these quality services alongside the Virgin Island snorkel excursion. 

Our well-experienced captains on board are there to instruct and brief regarding the snorkeling in the beautifully isolated island on the way along with providing expert help with fitting of the snorkel gears and make you completely ready for the dip in the chosen safe waters for all ages to enjoy the mesmerizing sights of the immaculate reef and peaceful marine life, away from the tourist crowd.

Extraordinary Services in

Virgin Islands 

Snorkeling at the Virgin Islands is not confined to only the families or friends but it is well chosen as a honeymoon destination too. Primarily its crystal blue waters and beautiful underworld critters attract the couples to explore, enjoy and live the moments with their loved ones. We are there to provide you a lavishly private good quality low package rates at the most amazing services. Jester Sailing excels technologically advanced services that provides better and efficient snorkel excursions. 

It is our mission to make your snorkel journey the most cherished and memorable one by revealing a range of stunning coves and snorkel destinations surrounded by the lush green mountains.

Snorkel Excursions At St Thomas

To have an ultimate fun-filled snorkel excursion, one must visit St Thomas, where the beauty of the Virgin Islands lies. Jester Sailing plans a unique journey full of adventures to the stunning snorkel locations that you won’t find anywhere else! Travel through our luxurious and spacious catamarans through the crystal clear waters surrounded by mangrove roots, exotic birds and flora to reach the picturesque turquoise coves. Dive into the secure welcoming water loaded with tropical fish and coral by your side as you snorkel.

Private Snorkel Excursions at

St Thomas

Well-famous for its richness in the beautiful beaches, St Thomas is the reason for joy and adventure. We ensure that families get to enjoy the underwater world and witness it completely through the water surface. Our services extend till customizable private tours all around the Virgin Islands. With an eco-guide available all tour long you are sure to learn about the eco-system and wildlife. You can expect all the fun, uniqueness and professionalism in our snorkel excursion plans.

A Snorkeling Experience Where You Watch Sea-Life From The Closest!

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