Best St Thomas Snorkeling Excursions in Virgin Islands

Have you ever visited St Thomas in the Virgin Islands? There are several things to do more than shopping, sand, and  sunset sailing dinner here. Active chases span from the sea, air, and land ranging from adrenalin pumping to snorkeling and activities for the fitness buff.

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At St Thomas Snorkeling Fun 

St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands is the place that is rich in large beaches. It offers several things to see from flapping eagle rays to large elkhorn coral for hours. Do you know what is snorkeling? It is swimming practice through or on the water body with snorkeling tube to breath, diving mask and swim fins. There is a lot of stuff to do in St. Thomas.

It is like deep-sea diving that you can enjoy here. It offers to enjoy the world of underwater from the water surface. Divers hold breath to dive into the water. It is a kind of water sport and is like scuba diving. In scuba diving, you need good health and certification. It is more costly as compared to the snorkeling. Snorkel excursions St Thomas is best for individuals and as well as for groups. 

Snorkeling Services

If this is your first time and you want to explore sea-life then learn snorkeling from diving courses. There are several things you can do here with the help of our team. We offer the following services

  • Making individual water ski lesson.
  • Diving excursions.
  • Raft trips with snorkeling.

Diving courses.

We also organize the snorkeling, diving tours with diving excursions and boat trips. Our team will help you with diving safely.

What are you waiting for, Contact us for booking your snorkeling adventure. Enjoy snorkeling and diving with us, contact our team to know about the deals and packages over a phone call.

How Do We Help You?

Snorkeling is a water sport or form of swimming that is popular for its deepwater sea diving term. Divers dive in the deep sea and spend time underwater with the necessary equipment and inhaling material. They need to learn the communication language. You need to choose a safe and sound location for deep-sea diving. St Thomas is a wonderful and ideal place for your snorkeling experience. You will enjoy this snorkeling in the deep sea of St Thomas.

The instructors are very easy to access because you need certification and permit for going into the sea when you are snorkeling. Snorkeling needs no permission letter. You need to learn the common and basic tricks for snorkeling.

Any place, you will learn or appreciate snorkeling, you will be confirmed anyplace. You don’t have to go close to the sea or on a tropical island. Numerous inland spots offer snorkeling courses by utilizing pools and close-by lakes. An ensured snorkeling institute never carry out this responsibility in a standard way.

Excellent Services

The mission of offering these service is to provide you extreme good quality service including wedding and honeymoons  by approaching you at your door. They will amaze you by rendering good quality along with low package rate. They are using new technology that enables them to offer better and more efficient services. Make your experience memorable in the Crystal blue Caribbean water, explore and snorkel the beautiful coral reef and enjoy USVI underworld critters.

You will love to enjoy petting a shark, swimming with sea lions and feed nectars to lorikeet parrots. Enjoy watching life-sized aquarium, outdoor pools, watch sea-life and many more. People come here for snorkeling, enjoying on the beach, cruise excursions and many more.

CruiseShip Shore Excrusions

Among the other services, we offer a wonderful tour by boat by sea along the coast. Cruise Excursion is a fun-loving activity. Guests are welcome on Jester, to explore the sea and relax in the comfy cockpit on the cruise. There are several things to do on the cruise for a full day sail or a half-day sail. You can enjoy awesome scenery, soak up the sun and cushioned foredeck. All our sailing trips contain super tunes and luscious specialty libations. The cruise is well-equipped with the finishing gear, top quality snorkeling tools, float mats, and swim ladders, freshwater showers, private head and many more.


If you are fond of sailboat cruises or wedding cruises then you can learn more about the deals and packages for the majority of the guests. The Cruise team offers a variety of deals and packages as per the events, festivals and season. Learn about the deals and packages.

The most affordable cruises you will ever find! Voyage holidays can be very luxurious and a lavish. They cost a lot of bucks and therefore remain to be a fantasy for many. We offer the best and most affordable cruises to make this dream come true for everyone at least for once in their lifetime.

Cruise Specials

Make the most of everything with the Cruise Specials. The cruise specials offer a wide variety of cultural and ethnic voyage specialties. People love to make new experiences and therefore this is the deal for the people who are open and accepting to change. Book your tickets to avail the December Cruise Deal right Now.  December is the holiday season. It is a month in which people are generally in a celebratory mood. They are free from the workload and have time to enjoy themselves before returning to hectic routines.  The December cruise deals are most definitely for the winter and holiday lovers! This is a once in a lifetime chance and surely you wouldn’t want to miss it!

The cruise offers sightseeing, tea, lunch and dinner along with many other complimentary services. Experience the amazing bachelor life on the singles cruise! You would want to make the most of the bachelor life left in your hands and there is nothing better than sailing with this cruise. The singles cruise is the ultimate gateway to live the bachelor life. It is a once in a lifetime experience and includes 5-star service around the clock. Now you can enjoy the tides, find a great company and countless fun stuff to do aboard! 

St Thomas is known for its beautiful crystal clear green waters. It is paradise on earth and its beautiful waters welcome you! Join us to discover the beautiful shores and natural beauty.

Pick up the phone and book Snorkeling adventure or Shore excrusion.

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