Most of you must be wondering on how to exclusively spend your spare time so you would feel fresh, lightened up and ready for a new fresh start towards the daily routine life…Sail Jester is pleased to inform that you have clicked the right button! There are a lot of recreational activities that we offer you at the well known crystal blue waters of the Caribbean islands!Call Now @ (732)330-3599

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 Activities at the Virgin Islands!

US Virgin Islands with their vastly occupied areas and unmatched beauty are one of the best tourist attractions says research. Sail Jester can be your best choice if you are planning your trip to explore the eye-catching visions at the Virgin Islands. There are many things you can venture into as per your choice.

Trip to Virgin Islands’ National Park:

Virgin Islands national park is much more than just beautiful beaches! Tempting tropical beaches, lush green forests and crystal clear Caribbean waters are the standards of beauty glorifying the national park. You can book your trip easily with Sail Jester and enjoy to the fullest!

Snorkeling at Buck Island Reef and National Monument:

Buck Island Reef National Monument or just Buck Island is a small, uninhabited, 176 acre island about 1.5 miles north of the northeast coast of Saint Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands. You can easily snorkel to the famous underwater trail near the easternmost point of the monument where you are bound to enjoy the passages.

Big Blue Excursions of Full Day and Half Day Sails:

Escape the tormenting crowds of everyday life and explore the beauty of the US Virgin Islands at your own pace with Sail Jester. Our privately customized charters are bound to serve you to their fullest potential! Whether you wish to sun bathe on the deck, swim or snorkel, we are here at your service at very affordable and economic rates without any compromise on the service quality.


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Activities at St. Thomas!

Activities to do in the Virgin Islands

Now if you have decided to land directly at the well-known and mesmerizing island of St. Thomas, Sail Jester has a bundle of joys to throw your way. Trust us, sailing across the Caribbean is the best thing you have ever dreamt of in your life, and Sail Jester promises its customers to make this experience the most memorable one for all its guests.

Adventure Trip to Coral World Ocean Park:

Among the plethora of attraction sights to choose from St. Thomas Island, there is none other similar to the diverse 5 acre Coral World Ocean Park! Coral World is a marine park and tourist attraction located next to Coki Beach on the East End of St. Thomas. Coral world marine life is a stunning setting along the island of St. Thomas. You can view life on a coral reef from Unique Undersea Observatory. Also inclusive of Dolphin Splash, Sea Lion Swim or Encounter Scuba Dive!

Magens Bay Beach Break:

Sail Jester team welcomes you to the world’s most beautiful and breath taking beach of the Magens Bay along the North-side region of St. Thomas. It is the large, white sand beach appropriate for swimming and water sports.

Water Island-A Hallmark of Beauty:

A 492 acre island occupied by US from Denmark in 1917 is the stunning tourism spot for all those who want to stroll its beaches, bike amid the green hills and view birds and other wild life. You must book your trip with Sail Jester for sightseeing this lovely paradise.

Activity Tours:

Sail Jester provides this special customized vacation service from your moment of arrival to your departure time offering pickups and drop offs to the most spectacular locations of the St. Thomas island. We offer you beach hopping, shopping, sight-seeing excursion bookings and food delivery, so you can just relax and enjoy freely.

Activities at St. Johns:

Activities to do in the Virgin Islands Caneel Bay Beach Front Resort:

Near to seven picturesque beaches, this 170 acre peninsula in the Virgin Islands is one of the stupendous vacation spots for many as this is the perfect destination for wedding, honeymoon or a simple friends and family time! All you need to do is to hire the services provided by Sail Jester to make the most of your time and money!

Tour to Trunk Beach Bay:

Sail Jester welcomes you to relax on the white sandy beaches of Trunk Bay during your trip to the magnificent coast of St. Johns. Trunk Beach Bay serves you as the best spot for a snorkel, swim or simply admire the scenic beauty utilizing all your five senses!

You can take advantage of the service with Sail Jester such as the beach chair and umbrella rentals, stretching out your feet on the sand and getting completely lost in the aura of the surrounding beauty,  as the cool breeze touches your skin and gives you the heavenly feeling you have long longed for. Or you can simply dive into the warm coastal waters to provide you one of its kinds of soothing effects. Feel free to enjoy with Sail Jester team at your service.

Water Sports:

Sail Jester team provides you ample opportunities and accessories for snorkeling and swimming in the crystal blue waters of the St. Johns island. You will have snorkeling gears to explore the coral reefs that are home to multiple types of fish such as surgeonfish, squirrel fish or other sea life and swimming with turtles. Wow! What a sport to enjoy amid the sea creatures.

Sunset Tour:

Sail Jester privately arranges this tour for its guests along the north road to catch the sunset in all its beauty as sunset inspires travel, productivity, hope and happiness. Each sunset promises a better tomorrow for all those who understand. You can stop for a few cocktails or champagne if you desire!


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