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If you are looking for a sailing adventure trip that you wish to remember a lifetime then you have landed at the right place because Sail Jester is a highly ranked excursion service which you can completely trust upon. Just choose your destination and we are ready to make the best of it for you!


Our team is fully equipped to grant you the best of the best. Your sight deserves the best views to watch and enjoy. The tempting beaches are a sight to remember. Our cruises loaded with excellent choice of magical musical numbers to boost your moods. What’s more?  We have a variety of cuisines to savour your taste buds.

From American to Italian, Indian or the barbecue range, we are ready to serve you just the best. We follow the best codes of conducts to keep our customers happy and safe. This is the reason that Sail Jester is highly recommended by the Trip Advisor website.

Things to do in the Virgin Islands

Things to do in the Virgin Islands-The Virgin Islands sailing adventure!

If you have chosen the heavenly beautiful Virgin Islands as your vacation destination and you are planning to make the most of your time then Sail Jester team welcomes you whole heartedly as there is a bundle of joy that is awaiting you.

The Full Day Sail:Things to do in the Virgin Island

Wear your sunglasses and slather your sunscreen and we are ready to hit the salty waters and warm tropical breeze. We provide full lunch and open bar. You can enjoy an amazing variety of foods drinks while on this amazing trip. We are filled with worthwhile activities on board. Our sailboats are completely equipped to cater your need and requirements.  The scenic beauty of the beaches will take your breath away. Our staff is ready to serve you 24/7.

 Half Day Sail:

The morning glory cannot be ignored on our sailboats. Just sit back and relax to enjoy the beautiful daytime on our boats. Enjoy the large supply of snacks drinks and coffee with relaxing in the warmth of the tropical sun. What more you can enjoy fishing and snorkelling with us!

There is nothing quite mesmerizing as watching the sunset. Our late afternoons sail is nothing less than the morning one. Our team again is more than ready to provide a wide variety of snack and drinks for you to choose from. Just sit back relax with your wine and enjoy the sun diving in the sea giving an ethereal view for you to remember. Or if you are up for activities off board we are here with the snorkelling gears for you to explore the depth of the sea.

A corporate retreat:

What can be more luxurious for a company’s employees than a getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city’s hardworking life? This amazing excursion will not only win their favours in the side of company but also give them a break for a fresh mind and healthy energy for the company’s work.

With so many activities for everyone with all different backgrounds and different choices we have a vast experience in catering every individual according to his/her preferences.

Bachelorette parties:things to do in the Virgin Islands

If you are looking for out of the box Bachelorette party ideas, Sail Jester has got a list of themes you might never have thought of! From when to throw the party to whom to invite and what should be the most economic budget, and which destination would be the best, Sail Jester team is there to help you out in planning the most memorable event.

Do not waste your time here and there, ending up nowhere! ACT NOW!

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Things to do at St. Thomas-DREAM, BELIEVE, EXPLORE AND ENJOY!!!!

Destination wedding on customized cruise:

What is anything better than your most special moments turned into something extraordinary?

All you have to do is choose the best ranked service and let us do the job! Our highly trained professionals give you the best and affordable ideas that you can imply to make your big day memorable. The beautiful island’s vibrant beauty and our luxurious services together will make the perfect couples and the guests enjoy every moment of the day.

St. Thomas – An ultimate honeymoon destination:

Surely after a destination wedding the ritual of honeymoon cannot be ignored. Given the luxuries Sail Jester provide on St.Thomas we are bound not be ignored. You can trust us completely with your honeymoon.  To give you a break from the busy city life and your most loveable moments without any hassle and interruption we are your best choice.

Our team of experienced individuals is ready to serve you to choose the most exquisite spots on the island and not only that they give you access to Roof top pool and bars so you can enjoy you tropical trip to the fullest. With your feet in the white sandy beach and the salty air hitting you, you are just in another world!

Snorkelling expeditions:

Nothing can match this lifetime experience of underwater life. During your summer breaks it is an ideal location with the best activities. We consider the safest and best locations at St. Thomas to snorkel. The underwater life can be explores within the safety of our specifically trained staff. We will provide you with magnificent locations to dive underwater and enjoy the serene views and creatures.

Experience luxury aboard jester:

Aboard the Jester the guest are provided with a huge cushioned foredeck where they can enjoy soaking in the sun and the beautiful view of the beautiful location. On jester our guests are more than welcome to learn to sail. Our captain provides the honoured guests with excellent musical choice to pick up their moods. All within your affordability! So look no further and dial our number for complete details. Call Now @ (732)330-3599

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Things to do in St. Johns – Make your dream come true!

Private Boat Excursions:Things to do in the Virgin Islands

Discover picturesque views of the island while lying comfortably uninterrupted on your private charter with your loved ones. Sail Jester team allows you to have the best of your time forgetting the hassle of navigation as your captain guides you between top attractions.

Explore what interests you from our customized itinerary!

Sunset tour on the island of St. Johns:

This is privately planned to where Sail Jester team will take you to along the beaches on the north road to catch the sunset in all its beauty and enjoy the magnificent view. We provide ample services to our guests to make pictures and have champagne if they like. You can also enjoy from our range of cocktails.

St. Johns Snorkel, Swim and Beach Experience:

Sail jester provides this semi-private excursion without any overcrowding where you can enjoy at one of the many snorkel spots around St. Johns or nearby uninhabited cays. You will have snorkelling gears to explore the coral reefs that are home to tropical fish such as parrotfish, surgeonfish etc. Guests can enjoy in whichever way they want to feel freshened up.

Discover the best of the Caribbean Islands with Sail Jester!

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