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Weddings are stressful. But pretty fun, if planned the right way. And if you are one of those romantic and adventuresome couples, then you know there is nothing better than “wedding sailing” into a new dawn – a new life – with your significant other.

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Imagine sailing away into new horizons with your better half, or probably a couple of mates or your family? An intimate ceremony? Sounds exciting, right? Well, then do not fret. Sail Jester is the perfect place for you. We provide sophisticated wedding sailing options for you – From an exclusive atmosphere to perfect organization to a classy photoshoot to floral decorations to a reception for your guests – We offer everything you could ever dream of.

You can either choose to take your vows onboard, or opt to put your feet in the white sand. We provide a few beach choices as well – From the Virgin Islands to the Caribbean to St. Thomas to St. John – We arrange an ideal “destination” wedding for you. We offer other wedding essentials – From champagne, cocktails and beers to cruise dinners to decorations and flowers to table and chair set ups to fireworks to photography and videography to other entertainment options such as water-sports, sailboat cruises, wedding cruises, sailboat chartersnorkeling etc. – You can opt for as much or as little as you desire.

Add the “Cypriot” feeling into your big day by carefully choosing our decoration and flowering options – From bespoke flowers to fabulous bouquets to our “Florist” specials – We ensure that everything we do matches your wishes, dreams and desires. We believe that your wedding is a special even for you and thus, we pull out all the stops to organize a unique and unforgettable event for you. We do not only help bind you legally but offer world-class honeymoon destinations. Let the majestic ocean witness your romantic and memorable honeymoon. Let the warm breeze blow you away from the outside world and into an intimate corner.

We believe that “we are a family” and thus, we not only take care of you but your budget as well – We understand the struggles of a common man and so, we provide all-inclusive high-end packages and amenities in economical rates. We have been working as a leading company in the sailing industry for 24 years. We have changed and improved our wedding sailing services and thus, we have come a long way from our beginnings. We are recommended by “TripAdvisor” Award – Winner Travel Agency. We look forward to hearing from you soon x

We operate in the Virgin Islands and surrounding areas, and you are always welcome to contact us. You can call us, or send us an e-mail at

Wedding Sailing in the Virgin Island

The Weddings Sailing Virgin Islands is a perfect spot for a “destination” wedding. Beat the heat of summer by celebrating a memorable wedding day at a paradise that awaits you in the beautiful Virgin Islands. Get lost in the scenic beauty and experience the “gem of nature” together as husband and wife. Sandy beaches, aquatic animals, exotic culture – What more could you ask for?

We offer a selection of religious and civil weddings on the luscious sandy beaches of the Virgin Islands – From a Catholic Wedding to a Civil Wedding to an Orthodox Wedding to a Traditional Wedding to a beautiful Vows Renewal Ceremony – Our all-inclusive economical packages, ideas and suggestions will transform your “destination” wedding dreams into a memorable event.

We have a professional crew available at your service 24/7. We do not require you to have any previous experience of sailing or the Virgin Islands since our crew knows every corner of the harbor and thus, provides a flawless backdrop – From a lighthouse to a bridge to food and drinks and more. We are the perfect wedding sailing option for you. Contact us now. We are always available at your service and look forward to meet you in the Eden.

Wedding Sailing in St. Thomas

Weddings Sailing St Thomas is an ideal destination for couples who wish to add a hint of adventure into their big day. From stunning white-sand beaches to amazing marine animals including sea turtles, ray fish etc. to delicious food and cocktails – St. Thomas offers it all to begin a new life.

And we are here to convert your dream destinations into a reality for you – From unique organization to a full-blown ceremony on a sandy beach or at the sunset to intimate moments in beach resorts or under the starry sky – Sounds perfect, right?

We provide you with an opportunity to forget your worries and enjoy your special day by leaving everything to us. Let your stress be blown away by the warm winds of our state-of-the-art boats. We wish for you to “be dazzled” by the peaceful surrounding of St. Thomas. We ensure that you begin your life with your significant other like a “fairy tale”. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us now and book a date. Our plans are all-inclusive and are fairly affordable. What’s more, we have a huge family of customers across the globe vouching for us.

Weddings Sailing St John

St. John is a popular “destination” wedding option across the globe. If you are an adventure freak, then you must know this by now. It is home to lofty mountains, beautiful beaches and aquatic life with an overall “fun” culture. So, who would not like to have a wedding on such a place?

We strive to convert your wishes for your big day into reality – From snorkeling to scuba diving to swimming with the marine life to lying around in the white sandy beaches – We ensure that your guests remember you for your “destination” choice and you remember us for our amazing service, hospitality and competitive rates.

You are our #1 priority. And we wish for you to sail into “heaven on earth”. So, do not hesitate to call us. Visit Sail Jester now and immediately book a wedding sailing date.

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